Your family is unique. That’s why we believe it’s important for you and your spouse to take control of a divorce situation, rather than leaving the decision with a judge. Together with your spouse and a professional collaborative divorce team, a detailed agreement can be worked out which is much more in-depth and customized than traditional court-based divorce agreements. Collaborative divorce in Maple Grove, MN will never be the same with the Collaborative Divorce Professionals on the case.

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Collaborative Divorce In Maple Grove, MN

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The Collaborative Divorce Professionals team is highly experienced in collaborative divorce, including law, family and financial matters.

Collaborative law is a voluntary process where you, your spouse and your respective attorneys make a commitment not to go to court. Instead, a series of meetings with the couple, attorneys, and family and financial professionals trained in the collaborative process are scheduled and held, with common goals established.

This gives you more control over the divorce process, and allows you to directly negotiate the settlement with your spouse.

The Process

We’re proud to be work with people interested in collaborative divorce in Maple Grove, MN. Whether you need just a lawyer, or need help in financial, family or other areas, you can create an amazing team from our deep bench to help you reach an agreement which benefits all parties, including your minor children.

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