Mediation: What It Is & How It’s Different Than Collaborative Divorce

You may or may not have heard of mediation, but it’s important to fully understand what it is in comparison to collaborative divorce so you can make an informed choice when it comes to your divorce process. How Mediation Works A mediator is an independent, neutral third-party who leads a mediation process. He or she helps people involved in a conflict or dispute come to agreement. For couples seeking a divorce, the divorce itself is the dispute and the mediator’s … Continued

How Collaborative Divorce Saves You More Than Just Money

Potential divorce clients often ask: how much does a collaborative divorce cost? This question has many factors underpinning it. The truth is, there is no way to definitively measure the cost of a traditional or collaborative divorce at the beginning of the process, except to say the monetary, stress and relationship costs of collaborative divorces are typically lower than traditional divorces. Conflict is time consuming and expensive. Butting heads, arguments which go around and around, and hoarding information harm both … Continued

How Monthly Divorce Workshops Can Help

If you’re facing divorce or separation, a divorce workshop may be able to help. You have options – you don’t necessarily need to go to court for a divorce to happen. Whether you plan to be self-represented, or use litigation, mediation, or collaborative practice, it’s important to hear all of your options. Attend a Divorce Options™ Workshop with the Collaborative Divorce Professionals in Maple Grove. You won’t regret it! When you’re ready to look for professional, collaborative team members, contact … Continued

How An Orange Helps Explain The Power Of Collaborative Divorce

How can an orange possibly help us better understand collaborative divorce? The truth is that divorce can be a messy, hard to understand process. But by looking at the situation through the lens of a piece of fruit, we’re able to better understand how collaboration can truly make divorce a less painful process. When you’re ready to look for professional, collaborative team members, contact us. The Orange You may have heard about position-based and interest-based negotiations. These two different paths … Continued

How A Collaborative Divorce Team Can Help

When going through a collaborative divorce, you need a qualified, professional team on your side to guide you and your spouse through the process. A team of experts can help you and your spouse reach agreements which benefit the entire family.   When you’re ready to look for professional, collaborative team members, contact us. Collaborative Attorney A collaborative attorney will work with you – as well as with your spouse and their chosen collaborative attorney – to create a positive … Continued