How Collaborative Divorce Saves You More Than Just Money

Potential divorce clients often ask: how much does a collaborative divorce cost? This question has many factors underpinning it. The truth is, there is no way to definitively measure the cost of a traditional or collaborative divorce at the beginning of the process, except to say the monetary, stress and relationship costs of collaborative divorces are typically lower than traditional divorces.

Conflict is time consuming and expensive. Butting heads, arguments which go around and around, and hoarding information harm both the divorcing couple’s pocketbooks and future relationships and lead to high levels of stress. With collaborative divorce, much of the costs to these three arenas are reduced by working together.


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A traditional divorce is extremely stressful due to the antagonistic relationship between your spouse and yourself and the uncertainty associated with leaving judgement in the hands of the court.

Collaborative divorce allows both of you to take control of the final judgement, working together and with neutral and agreed-upon experts to find a less stressful solution.


Because of the antagonistic nature of traditional divorce, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy relationship through and after the proceedings. Taking the higher road through a divorce that is collaborative allows you to reduce tension and conflict and preserve the future relationship between your spouse and yourself, for both of your sakes as well as your children.

How can we place a value on the cost of destroyed relationships with spouses, children, extended family members and friends?


Theoretically, a collaborative divorce should cost less. Attorney involvement in a collaborative divorce is typically less than in a traditional court-based model. This occurs since other professionals, usually at lower hourly rates, provide many services historically provided by attorneys.

For instance, when gathering financial information, collaborative divorce allows one financial neutral to work with both spouses at a lower hourly rate. In traditional court-based divorce, each spouse hires their own attorney at a higher hourly rate, effectively more than doubling the cost.

This cost savings is replicated in other specialized portions of the divorce process, such as child and family issues.

Overall, a collaborative divorce should cost less in terms of money, stress and strain on relationships. You control your journey and your destination – choose wisely. Get in touch with the Collaborative Divorce Professionals to learn more.

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