How A Collaborative Divorce Team Can Help

When going through a collaborative divorce, you need a qualified, professional team on your side to guide you and your spouse through the process. A team of experts can help you and your spouse reach agreements which benefit the entire family.


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Collaborative Attorney

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A collaborative attorney will work with you – as well as with your spouse and their chosen collaborative attorney – to create a positive working environment throughout the process. They provide you directly with legal guidance, counsel and advice, but work in joint meetings with all parties to create outcomes which benefit the entire family.

Collaborative Coach

A collaborative coach works across both parties to facilitate communication during the process, minimizing conflict and reducing the amount of time the process takes – effectively lowering the cost. The coach advises you on how to advocate for yourself, and helps minimize emotions involved to reduce stress.

Collaborative Financial Specialist

A collaborative financial specialist can help both parties develop budgets, identify tax consequences, analyze current and future cash flows and generally guide a healthy financial discussion.

Collaborative Child Specialist

A collaborative child specialist meets with parents and children to obtain development information, identify family strengths and goals. They also help parents create “we statements” to prepare their children for divorce or breakup and provide other neutral guidance and education for parents. A parenting plan can also be created to ensure all family needs are met.

Choose your team wisely – let the Collaborative Divorce Professionals help.

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