4 Professionals You May Need On Your Collaborative Divorce Team

When going through a divorce, it’s important to think about who will be on your team. With a traditional court-based divorce process, you’ll likely have your just your attorney on your side. With collaborative divorce, neutral professionals are commonly utilized. These neutrals work together with you and your spouse to help reach agreements.

Collaborative divorces allows the entire team to work together for the benefit of your family. Let’s take a deeper look into who each professional neutral you might utilize is and how they can help.

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Collaborative Divorce Team

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  • provides legal guidance, counsel, and advice to you;
  • supports you in resolving the areas of dispute that arise;
  • cooperates with other Collaborative team members to guide clients through the process;
  • works in joint meetings with both clients and the other attorney to find creative settlement solutions;
  • creates legal documents to necessary to complete the process; and,
  • is professionally licensed as an attorney.


  • helps clients effectively communicate during the process which can minimize conflict and lower cost;
  • helps to maintain a safe environment to discuss difficult issues with mutual respect;
  • helps you with advocating for yourself;
  • helps you minimize emotions to better manage reactivity to stress; and,
  • is licensed as a mental health professional or a Rule 114 qualified mediator.

Financial Specialist

  • identifies and evaluates tax consequences;
  • assists clients with developing spending plans (budgets);
  • develops current and future cash flow analyses;
  • helps clients/attorneys generate and evaluate financial options;
  • guides the team discussion on financial matters; and,
  • is professionally licensed as a financial expert.

Child Specialist

  • provides neutral guidance and education to parents;
  • helps parents create “we statements” to talk with their children about the divorce or breakup;
  • meets with parents and children to obtain developmental information, identify family strengths and identify goals to meet children’s needs;
  • meets with children to assess their hopes and needs for the future;
  • gives feedback to parents and professional Team members about the needs of children;
  • assists parents in the creation of a developmentally responsive Parenting Plan;
  • works with the Neutral Coach to strengthen parents’ co-parenting relationship; and,
  • is licensed as a mental health professional.

Does every collaborative divorce require each of these team members? Not necessarily.

A divorce without minor children or a divorce from a short-term marriage with few assets and liabilities may not require anyone other than an attorney. However, in divorces from longer-term marriages where minor children are involved, there are a number of assets and/or liabilities it would make sense to utilize a child specialist and a financial specialist.

Choose your team wisely – let the Collaborative Divorce Professionals help.

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